Saturday, September 30, 2006

Anderson for Chloe!!!

Paolo Melin Anderson, a Swedish senior director at MARNI, will succeed Phoebe Philo at Chloe!!! I LOVE Marni, so I'm completely estatic about this!!! This news just completely made my week!!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

London Shoe RoundUp

Ok, so the clothes in Gareth Pugh's collection were unwearable, but the boots were very sexy. The picture is kind of small, but the boots look nice

I loved the shoes at Preen. They weren't that original, but they were creative and still classic. They had these kinds of shoes in such pretty colors too, I really liked the very pretty pale blue ones.

It looks like the Balenciaga inspired shoes will be big this spring as well. These are by Aquascutum, and aren't are high as the ones Balenciaga did last spring, and I don't like them. But my guess is that Balenciaga-inspired shoes will be very popular.

It looks like my wish that wedges will disappear and never come back won't come true. These are Emporio Armani. Something about wedges just looks wrong, tacky, cheap, and as my best friend calls it, "whore-ish". The sad thing is these shoes might actually be pretty if they had a stiletto heel instead of a wedge.

Most of the shoes at Paul Smith looked like ugly womanized versions of men's dressed shoes. This is one of his more creative ones. I don't like it...

Noir is environmental friendly, so if you need a way to feel better about yourself, I recommend you get a pair of these pumps. Pumps are classic, and although I don't like shinny things very much, these shoes aren't bad.

The shoes at Roksanda Ilincic were weird. They were too shiny, to clunky, and the bows are too big and look ridiculous. They are kind of funny, though, no?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

From Chloe to Gucci?!

Yvan Mispelaere, who designed the Fall 06 and Spring 07 collections for Chloe, will be quitting Chloe to join the Gucci team. I like Yvan, and I'm very disappointed Chloe didn't name him creative director (they said they will name someone shortly after their show on Oct 3). I'm not sure how you transition from Chloe to Gucci...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

NY Shoe Roundup!

NY Fashion Week has ended, and there were a lot of interesting/amazing/ugly shoes!

These shoes by Marc Jacobs really caught my eye.

Cute, no? The other shoes in the collection weren't that exciting, btw.

Anna Sui, is good with shoe trends (remember those cowboy-ish boots, blame Anna). These are actually sort of nice, kind of military-inspired (although military is so fall).

Although I hate wedges, I thought these by Calvin Klein were interesting.

They look so minimalist, very Calvin. They also, for some reason, look very comfortable. I would never wear them, but there's something about them that just makes me wonder...

The Chloe influence really is everywhere, even regarding shoes. These are Derek Lam, but many designers have Chloe-esque shoes this season.

The heel on these Donna Karan shoes are really cool. They kind of remind me of the bamboo shoes Prada made last Spring.

Vera Wang had ugly shoes, Oscar de la Renta had boring shoes... Yigal Azrouel's shoes looked nice shoes, but Vogue UK's website doesn't have pics.
I really hope that Paris and Milan have Stilettos in their shows, because they are my favorite shoes, and there weren't many in New York (Doo.Ri had them, M Kors, Ralph, but they're weren't that exciting).

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The New Firstview

Firstview is my main source of runway pictures. I haven't checked in awhile, because style's pictures are free and look better due to retouching, but I checked firstview today, and the website was completely made over!!!
Here's what the new website looks like.

Although I like the layout better, I'm kind of worried about any changes made to firstview, because it seems every time something changes, it changes for the worse. First, they got rid of the links to a lot of French collections, than they got rid of the websites all together, and then they started enforcing their pay per hour policy with newer shows. Hopefully, only the layout changed.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Banning of the Skinny Ones

Milan banned all models who have under a BMI (body mass index) of 18 from their shows. Considering that this was in Milan, and happened at approximately the same time that NY fashion week was taking place, I don't think anyone was that worried. However, Britain is considering putting a similar ban on too-skinny models. Although I advocate healthy life styles, this is hardly fair. Clothes look better on taller, thinner frames, and honestly, the modeling world does not affect the public and media nearly as much as the celebrity world. It would make more sense to ban Kate Bosworth or Nicole Richie from magazines! I really really hope that Britain doesn't ban, because Snejana and Vlada, and I'm sure many other amazing models will not be able to participate in Fashion Week. That said, I'm 5'6'', eat like crazy, do absolutely no exericise (except yoga occasionally) and have a BMI under 18. Some people really can't help it.

Snejana: Please don't ban me!

pic from nymag

Friday, September 15, 2006

Daria Missing Again

Last Spring runway week, Daria Werbowy was missing and the fashion world freaked out. This Spring, she is once again missing. However, while last time it was because Miss Werbowy was busy promoting her Lancome ads, it seems now that she's pulled a Malgosia and simply does not like doing runway.

I'm not the biggest Daria fan, but this Lancome ad is gorgeous! She is currently in Canada, has died her hair darker, and quit smoking. She'll make an exception for Karl, however, and will be in the Chanel show in Paris this October.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Viktor & Rolf for H&M

Viktor & Rolf are among the most talented designers out there! Their main line consists of a lot of crazy, out- there stuff, but the wearable pieces are so amazingly done, but unfortunately very, very expensive.
Fortunately, on November 9, H&M will be putting out a collection by V&R. I already convinced a few of my friends to camp out before opening day, because the collection will probably sell out very fast. Here are a few pieces... from Dutch Elle.

This trench is to-die-for!!! I'm a trench whore (actually, I'm probably a everything whore), and the tailoring and detailing is impeccable!

This dress is supercute! A lot of the V&R for H&M pieces I've seen have hearts on them, and although I usually don't like cute-sy types of clothing, V&R make the hearts work! I will be hunting for this piece, and I will not rest until I get it! The trench is a more flexible option, because I don't need it in exactly my size... one or maybe two sizes bigger may suffice. I'm actually kind of glad I live in California right now, because not that many people understand the significance of Viktor & Rolf, so hopefully the crowd won't be too big. Good luck to people elsewhere!

RIP C.C. Wang

Vera Wang is a huge celebrity favorite, but the clothes weren't what caught everyone's attention today at Vera Wang's show. When the audience arrived at the show, they found pieces of paper on their chairs that read "In Loving Memory of C.C. Wang". C.C. Wang was Vera Wang's father who first encouraged her to start her bridal line. At the end of the show, Vera came out crying, inspiring tears in many members of the audience.

Although I may sound like a horrible person, the collection was still boring. However, there were a few nice pieces, and it was touching to see some of the models near tears while on the runway.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Narciso, my new love

Yohji Yamamoto was my favorite NY designer last season (and every season he's had a show in NY), and I expected Chaiken to be my fav this season (b/c YY is in Paris) and I really liked what Paul and Julie did the past two season's. However, this season Chaiken seems to be going in a different direction, which I don't like so much. So enough rambling... my point is that this season, I have a feeling Narciso Rodriguez's collection is going to be my fav (or possibly Yigal...). Here are a few pieces. He's so good at minimalism, but his stuff is so perfectly fitted and gorgeous!!!

Of course, Paris beats NY any day, but it's nice to have people like Narciso. Fashionable American people can have some pride to be American.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Only Marc!!!

Marc Jacobs says that he wants people to either love or hate his clothing, because he hates indifference. He has definately made a collection you can't be indifferent about. He combines metallics, whites, layers, frills, volume, and uses interesting material, such as.... toilette paper!!!
This is the toilette paper dress....

Here are some other pieces... I'm not sure about the material used.

Personally I love the collection. I'm not a big fan of metallics or the material, but I love the collection, originality and fun...

The Row by Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen, who once interned for Zac Posen, has created her own fashion line, called "The Row". Although I usually cringe at celebrity fashion houses (because almost all suck), Miss Olsen's actually may turn out okay. She wore one of the pieces, a jacket, to a recent outing, and surprisingly, it is rather impressive. Here's a picture...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wedges!!!! NO!!!!

During the fall shows, the trend I hated the most were wedges. So yesterday, I was very excited and hopeful because I didn't see any. When I was looking at the pictures of today, I was devastated. Donna Karan's DKNY, which is usually a cute, sensible collection, decided for some reason I will never understand, decided to have wedges in her collection.

The rest of the collection (or at least what I've seen so far) is good, especially compared to the mostly disappointing collections so far. At least the wedges aren't the boring traditional wedges... but hopefully this is the last we see wedges for a very long time.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


I'm crying, I really am. First, Kimora Lee Simmons decided to have those poor models where grills (along with ugly clothes and boring shoes) on her show and now Walmart is having a show?! This is New York, people!!! Baby Phat should be in Los Angeles, with all the other commercialized crap, and Walmart should be, I don't even know, in Mississippi or something.

New York is dying. This is why Yohji Yamamoto and Karl Lagerfeld moved their shows to Paris. Soon, Matthew Williamson will be returning to Britain, followed by Zac Posen, and the rest will soon go. Even US Vogue is being contaminated with Payless ads and ridiculous celebrity covers and eds, and with Walmart ads. What is this world coming to?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Models as Children

A lot of people say that ugly children turn out to be beautiful people, but the cutest children turn out to be plain later on. So, I thought it would be fun to see pictures of models as children...

Kate Moss was discovered at 14, so it only makes sense she was an adorable kid. This pictures does make me think that she'll look even better with darker hair.

Caroline Trentini looks exactly the same with the same quirky attitude and smile!

Isabeli Fontana seems so confident and happy as a little kid.

Naomi, I think, actually looks quite different. She looks so small and almost shy in this picture!

Natalia! This is the little girl who turns into the most beautiful woman in the world, according to Tom Ford. Her smile has definately changed.

Here's my favorite little kid picture of Gemma Ward! She apparently has never lost her cuteness!

thank you thefashionspot for the pics!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Roland & 19 RM

Roland Mouret has finally revealed his new venture. He will be teaming up with Simon Fuller (Pop Idol and Spice Girls) to create the label 19 RM. I'm not sure what the 19 stands for, but I'm pretty sure RM is Roland Mouret.

I like Roland, but I'm a bit wary about his joining with Simon. Although Simon has the money and backing, he doesn't seem like the kind of person who would appreciate Roland's talent. I just hope 19 RM won't fall victim to those WAGs.

Monday, September 04, 2006

The ones to watch

Fashion week begins this Friday!!!
In addition to all the clothes and accessories, there will also be new faces and missing old ones. Here are my predictions for the new models to watch...

Anna Maria Urajevskaya is absolutely gorgeous and my new favorite! She's not exactly completely new, but she opened Prada last season, so I think she'll have a huge presense this season. She was also in the Blumarine, Kenzo, and Calvin Klein ads... hopefully she'll replace Sasha in Prada this season.

Amanda Lopes, 21, is the newest Brazilian import. She definately has the look of the moment (think Irina Lazareneau) and seems very versatile.

Teeani Chang, 17, from Los Angeles, could possibly be the next big Asian model and American model. Personally I don't think she's as stunning as Ai or Du, but she seems very versatile.

Katie Braadvedt is supercute and signed with IMG. She's also only 14 and from New Zealand... I don't think I've ever heard of another model from New Zealand. We'll see if she, or any of these girls, make it to the runway!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Black is very, very in, apparently

Anna Wintour and the US think pink, but the rest of the world likes black for this season. First Vogue China, then Vogue Germany, and now Vogue Paris.

What I find interesting is that this is the Fall issue, but at least half of the models are wearing the Chanel resort collection. I like the cover, but I do think they should have put Stammy in the center and Sasha on the side.

Virtual Marni

Marni has just launched their online store!!! The link is
Here are a few screen shots!

I absolutely adore Marni and Consuela, and their store is so creative and convenient.
Hopefully, other brands will follow suit.