Thursday, September 14, 2006

Viktor & Rolf for H&M

Viktor & Rolf are among the most talented designers out there! Their main line consists of a lot of crazy, out- there stuff, but the wearable pieces are so amazingly done, but unfortunately very, very expensive.
Fortunately, on November 9, H&M will be putting out a collection by V&R. I already convinced a few of my friends to camp out before opening day, because the collection will probably sell out very fast. Here are a few pieces... from Dutch Elle.

This trench is to-die-for!!! I'm a trench whore (actually, I'm probably a everything whore), and the tailoring and detailing is impeccable!

This dress is supercute! A lot of the V&R for H&M pieces I've seen have hearts on them, and although I usually don't like cute-sy types of clothing, V&R make the hearts work! I will be hunting for this piece, and I will not rest until I get it! The trench is a more flexible option, because I don't need it in exactly my size... one or maybe two sizes bigger may suffice. I'm actually kind of glad I live in California right now, because not that many people understand the significance of Viktor & Rolf, so hopefully the crowd won't be too big. Good luck to people elsewhere!


Blogger Massachusetts Republican said...

The dress is nice...if ya have three arms. (smile)

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Swedish Elle? Dutch Elle!

3:08 AM  

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