Monday, September 04, 2006

The ones to watch

Fashion week begins this Friday!!!
In addition to all the clothes and accessories, there will also be new faces and missing old ones. Here are my predictions for the new models to watch...

Anna Maria Urajevskaya is absolutely gorgeous and my new favorite! She's not exactly completely new, but she opened Prada last season, so I think she'll have a huge presense this season. She was also in the Blumarine, Kenzo, and Calvin Klein ads... hopefully she'll replace Sasha in Prada this season.

Amanda Lopes, 21, is the newest Brazilian import. She definately has the look of the moment (think Irina Lazareneau) and seems very versatile.

Teeani Chang, 17, from Los Angeles, could possibly be the next big Asian model and American model. Personally I don't think she's as stunning as Ai or Du, but she seems very versatile.

Katie Braadvedt is supercute and signed with IMG. She's also only 14 and from New Zealand... I don't think I've ever heard of another model from New Zealand. We'll see if she, or any of these girls, make it to the runway!


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