Monday, August 28, 2006

Best Ads of Fall 06

I think by now I've seen all the advertisement campaigns worth seeing... so now i present my Top 5!
And in fifth place is BCBG with Jessica Stam. They don't do a great job showing off the clothes, but the picture and Stam looks so pretty! Plus, this ad is so totally appropriate for fall. In fourth is Blumarine, with Hilary Rhoda and my new favorite model, Anna Maria Urajevskaya. I like the color scheme and how beautiful yet simple the ads are. They do remind me a bit of Prada's ads last season (my favs last season).

In third is Roberto Cavalli. I believe this is actually the men's ad, but it was my favorite. The women's ads feature Du Juan and Daria Werbowy. I don't actually like how Daria looks (she looks creepy) but I love Du Juan's Geisha like look, especially when she's wearing an androgynous suit like in here. In second place is Alberta Ferretti with Angela Lindwall. The ads show a dim candle lighted room with Angela and anonymous women wearing golden masks. The idea is kind of scary, but the ads look so classy and beautiful.
My favorite adversiting campaign this season is Miu Miu. As many know, Prada is infamous for ignoring Asian models, but Miuccia featured all Asian (Chinese and Japanese) models for its Miu Miu campaign. The ads are so edgy, and the lighting, clothes, poses, and styling go absolutely perfectly together.


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