Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Only Marc!!!

Marc Jacobs says that he wants people to either love or hate his clothing, because he hates indifference. He has definately made a collection you can't be indifferent about. He combines metallics, whites, layers, frills, volume, and uses interesting material, such as.... toilette paper!!!
This is the toilette paper dress....

Here are some other pieces... I'm not sure about the material used.

Personally I love the collection. I'm not a big fan of metallics or the material, but I love the collection, originality and fun...


Blogger Massachusetts Republican said...

It has a great gatsby meets the flapper feel, with a little audrey hepburn tossed in. Nice

7:17 AM  
Blogger yuckyducky10 said...

dannng i love that stuff! itz soo cool

4:37 PM  

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