Monday, March 05, 2007

What I think of Nina Ricci

I'm so sorry I haven't posted for awhile, but my life is kind of a mess right now.
Anyways, the most anticipated show for fall 07 was probably Olivier Theysken's Nina Ricci collection.
The collection was lovely, it really was. Really light, pretty, fairy-tale romantic. The styling was perfect for the collection. If anyone else had designed the collection, I would have been trilled, but it was Olivier, and my expectations were a lot higher.
I wanted to see more of his Godly tailored pantsuits, like this:

But most of the collection was this kind of sophisticated-casual clothing, almost a bit sportwear-sy at times (and frankly, if we're talking sportswear I think Dries does a better job). Something felt missing, very incomplete, from this colelction. It also did not have the dark, romantic undertone that Rochas did. It was not as sophisticated, not as mature, not as powerful, and not as inspired. Of course, Olivier is facing a lot of pressure to make his creations more wearable, but in my opinion he compromised his aesthetic vision too much.
I don't mind sportswear, I really don't, but I don't want to see Theyskens wasting his time or talent.


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