Monday, October 02, 2006

Milano Shoes Roundup

First and Foremost, I would like to congradulate Prada for making the UGLIEST SHOE OF THIS SEASON!!! The shows aren't even over, but I'm sure nothing can compete with these hideous sandles. These are so gross and look so cheap!!! Ok, the rest of Prada's shoes weren't that bad... but they aren't good enough to redeem Prada this season.

Moving on, I absolutely LOVE these Alessandro Dell'Aqua flats. They look elegant and casual at the same time.

The wedges trend is continuing, a la Ferreti. Wedges makes me want to cry.

I can't figure out why, but I like these Burberry shoes. They aren't amazing or extraordinary in any way, but I can totally picture myself with these on walking down the streets of London.

Cavalli's entire collection was very Spanish influenced. This included the shoes. They look ethnic, but the colors remind me of Christmas in a way.

These Gucci shoes look like they're made out of lego. But these aren't that bad: Although I usually do hate lace up shoes.

Here's an example of lace up shoes I hate, curtesy of Moschino. They look clunky and tacky.

Marni's shoes aren't exactly my style, but they look fun. New take of classic pumps.

Missoni's shoes match their clothes perfectly! Not exactly my style, but they are very summery, and cute in a way.

I really liked some of the shoes at Salvatore Ferragamo Croc skin stilettos! It looks like someone has been copying Christian Lacroix. Sorry, Graeme Black, but the Lacroix's original chandillier shoes (from one of his couture collections a few seasons ago) looked sooo much better than your look alikes.

Unfortunately, La Perla's shoes weren't as pretty as their clothes. These do look very casual, if anyone needs casual heels.

And finally, Versace. I'm actually not familiar with Versace shoes. These don't exactly leave a good impression, either. They're high, but they look too bulky.


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