Thursday, October 05, 2006

Madeleine Vionnet

I was surprised that so many people do not know who Madeleine Vionnet is. She was a designer from the early to 20th century. She absolutely revolutionalized dressmaking.
Here is one of her dresses:
To give you an idea about her influence, here are a few quotes from other very notable designers...
Alaia: "Vionnet is the source of everything, the mother of all of us."
Cristobal Balenciaga: "Madame Vionnet is my master."
Karl Lagerfeld: "Everybody, whether he likes it or not, is under the influence of Vionnet."
Christian Dior: "No one has ever carried the art dressmaking further than Vionnet."
John Galliano: "Her tailoring has inspired generations of designers."
Here is the cutest little dress (from 1929)
The reason why I'm writing about her is because this season, the House of Vionnet will be revived by Sophia Kokosalaki. Although I don't think the fit is perfect, Sophia makes very interesting and original dresses, so I think she will do a good job. In addition, there is also a book about Vionnet due out soon. It's time to get to know one of the best and most influential dress makers and fashion designers of all time.


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