Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sophia Kokosalaki for Nine West

I absolutely adore Sophia's designs, so when I first heard about this I was very excited. However, after seeing the pieces, I'm actually quite disappointed.

First of all, after seeing the collection, I remembered that although I love Sophia's clothes, I've never really paid much attention to her shoes.
The shoes in this collection were quite disappointing. I liked these poots (Daphne, goes for $350) but not enough to buy them.
i did love this Rossa trench ($495), but that may just be that I have a thing for trenches. Honestly, though, I can easily find a better, cheaper trench elsewhere. This is weird, out of all the collaborations out there, Nine West is among my favorites (I loved the Thakoon and Vivienne Westwood collections), but this time I'm horribly disappointed.


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