Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Girl who will save Prada???

Our newest Canadian import is 14 year olf Johanna Stickland. The reason why I'm blogging about her, rather than the many other new models, is that rumor has it see snagged the Spring 07 campaign for Prada!!! She already has Jil Sander, but Prada would be much more impressive because it means that Suvi isn't doing Prada!!! I never like Suvi, and in my opinion this season would have been the death of Prada if they used Suvi (horrible collection with horrible face is not a good combination).
She looks so much like Sophie Ward, Gemma's older sister. They have nearly the same face and very similar bodies (although I think Sophie is a little taller). I was always surprised Sophie never made it big anywhere except in Austrailia. But I digress. She's so young, freshly 14. Good luck Johanna!!!


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