Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pale is in, tan is very out

Actually, I don't think tan was ever (respectfully) in, but that's just my not so humble opinion. The color of the moment is grey. Red is very big too, but it always is in some form. Being tan and wearing grey is complete overkill. This spring, some designers even colored the faces of the models white (Alexander Mcqueen, Viktor & Rolf). This tells us that pale is very very in.
The reason why I'm posting this is because today a friend remarked that I was getting very pale. That's probably because summer is over, and I've been extremely sleep-deprived recently. Anyways, this post is to convince her that there's nothing wrong with being pale. In fact, it's a very trendy thing to do right now. It's too bad I can't post smileys, or else I would have, but oh well. I win.


Blogger Mr-Dale said...

Loving all your posts, Dewi! The post about Johanna S. is right on! Suvi kind of bores me as well.. perhaps my opinion will change over time ;)

1:43 PM  

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