Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lars Nilsson for Scherrer

Lars left Nina Ricci, which is now headed by Olivier Theyskens. WWD reports that Nilsson will be joining Jean-Louis Scherrer, which is currently headed by Stephane Rolland. I'm not very familiar with Scherrer, so I was looking through its Fall 06 collection, and it looked like a more-expensive, badly-done version of Anna Sui. I predict a major shift in focus. Lars Nilsson's work at Nina Ricci was so delicate and feminine, yet fun and creative at the same time, and I predict that he will absolutely reform and run with Scherrer. I'm very excited!!! On another note, here's an outfit (especially the pants) from Nina Ricci fall 06 i'm dying to get my hands on.


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