Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Janice and Natalia

2 new voices/perspectives in the skinny-models debate:

Oscar Wilde once said that to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance," she told the audience of health experts, designers and editors. "But I hope you would agree with me that no relationship comes that easy. Perhaps the trickiest and most complex relationship is the one between you and yourself, your body and your mind. Sometimes it's even possible to be crueler to yourself than you would be to your worst enemy.

First she didn't pay attention, then after she had her son (at 19) her after-pregnancy weight dropped to 117, lower than it was before pregnancy. Then it dropped to 106, her hair started falling out...
The next season, I got healthy again, but when I returned to work, my weight was questioned. Some fashion houses called my agency complaining that I was two centimeters over [in measurements]. I was extremely upset since I felt very healthy and good about myself. I defended myself, saying it was crazy to consider measurements like 33-27-34 to be normal and not to expect some change.
It makes me think that if I had been weak at the time, I could really have endangered myself," she continued. "At any age we can handle success, but at what age can we handle failure?

And a completely different side of the argument a la Janice Dickenson
I'm dying to find kids who are too thin. I've got 42 models in my agency and I'm trying to get them to lose weight. In fact, I wish they'd come down with some anorexia.I'm not kidding. I'm running into a bunch of fat-assed, lazy little bitches who don't know how to do the stairs or get their butts into the gym. Models are supposed to be thin. They're not supposed to eat. In fact, I'm not going to eat for the rest of the day because we had this conversation.

I love Janice's show (one of my guilty pleasures) but this is ridiculous. But props for being honest. There are probably many people out there who share the same thought, but are too pansy to admit it...
But thing is, Janice was 5'10'' and 132 lbs (according to the driver's license). That's much more than some girls out there today...


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