Sunday, February 04, 2007

what would Coco say?

This is Coco:
This is Karl:
Chanel is commonly labeled "Parisian chic", and it can be, but after much thought I don't think Karl does Chanel justice.
I like Chanel, for the most part. However, I really think that it is stagnating under Karl. Chanel was daring for her time period. She was very modern, inspired by menswear, and revolutionized women's wear.
Karl seems to be doing the opposite.
Last weekend, I was out shopping for professional wear for this week. One of my friends who I asked suddenly brought up the idea of tweed suits. I laughed, saying only old people wear them anyone, and went on hunting for a pantsuit (Chaiken makes gorgeous pantsuits, by the way).
Then I realized that Chanel specializes in tweed suits. At Coco Chanel's time, tweed was avant grade, but today they seemed old fashioned. In fact, what Karl is doing with Chanel right now all seem to be creative approaches to "classic" (old-fashioned) styles. I concluded, that if Coco were alive today, she wouldn't touch those tweed suits. She would come up with something modern and new.
I was comparing Karl's spring 2007 collection for Chanel with his collection for his own line, Karl Lagerfeld, and I much preferred his own collection. Chanel had little black dresses and tweeds and flats, and it was too much of the same old-same old. There's no innovation or excitement. Karl's own line, on the other hand, was edgy, creative, and much more interesting.
So why is Chanel stagnating? Under Karl, it seems, it has changed from being the daring, creative (almost scandalous, considering the kind of person Coco was) to the classic, safe brand. So did Karl destroy Chanel? The clothes are still nice and popular, no doubt, but personally I would like to see something new and exciting happening at Chanel.


Blogger Carrinka said...

I was disappointed by Karl's spring/summer collection too.

I hope he comes up with something better for fall/winter!

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you think you know what would be good for Chanel, then why dont you post some ideas of your own which would be better? :)

12:41 PM  

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