Friday, February 02, 2007

OMG I am SOOOO out of it!!!

Feb 2: Target's Proenza Schouler collection now for sale and NY fashion week starts today. I'm cooped up in Sacramento, working my a** off...
oh well. i guess in the grand scheme of things, politics is more important than fashion

Anyways. New H&M collection. No designer colloboration, rather an environmentally friendly effort. Organic Cotton! I consider myself an environmentalist when I feel like it, but I do love organic cotton, and this collection is supercute.
Here are a few pieces:

Very affordable, and I need to get my hand on some of these....
kk, now back to political stuff.


Blogger Britishkiller said...

i love h&m.. can't wait to see the new collection!

another thing...i'm so sorry to bother you on your blog... but I'm desperate. I love tfs, how can I get an invite? I've been reading it daily for like... months... please! I love fashion and I wanna be able to write on there, it's amazing...


(my email is

9:09 AM  

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