Friday, January 26, 2007

Goodbye and Goodluck

What is it with fashion brands closing these days? First Rochas, they Paco Rabanne, then Cloak, and now Givenchy Homme a la Ozwald. Givenchy Homme was one of the few menswears collections I paid attention to, and I thought the latest collection, for fall 08, was spectacular and very wearable...
I should've known something was up when they decided to go showroom rather than runway.

Rumor has it, Tisci's Givenchy collection (for femme) is in financial trouble as well. Explains why the latest Haute Couture collection was only 25 looks, rather than 40. I would hate to see Tisci lose his job like Olivier (when Rochas closed). Critics have been very hard on him, but I adore his work, and his latest couture collection was phenomenon, if not the best (Dior was amazing, too, but besides that Tisci beat all). I doubt they'll actually close Givenchy, but they might force Tisci to resign, or get rid of HC or something that I would hate to see.


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