Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Comeback for the win!

Nina Ricci's pre-fall collection by Olivier Theyskens is quite possibly the most anticipated collection for awhile. Reese Witherspoon wore a gorgeous yellow Nina Ricci dress for the Golden Globes yesterday. When I first saw Reese, I was shocked. She's a pretty person, no doubt, but yesterday she looked stunning!

This just goes to show that Olivier is magic. There is no other explanation. I'm dying to see more...
Other people I thought were best dressed: Cate Blanchett (in McQueen), Ellen Pompeo (Versace), and Hilary Swank (didn't like the flower in hair look, but her Chanel Couture dress was gorgeous), Chloe Sevigny (odd, but funky and I liked it), Naomi Watts (adorable, the blue was PERFECT for her), and of course Rachel Weisz (she makes everything look classy)
Worst: Beyonce (if she wears Elie Saab again I think i'll barf), Rinko (ridiculous Chanel dress), Jennifer Love Hewitt (don't even know what she was wearing, but it was very overboard, although not as bad as Beyonce IMO), Eva Longoria (those lashes were so ridiculously fake), Nicolette Sheridan (too white, structure too contrived and unflattering), Heidi Klum (looked like she was wearing a sheet, the thing around her neck also has to go), the commander in chief actress (sunglasses and hair were same color, both of which didn't match her dress), and the list goes on...


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