Monday, November 20, 2006

Furless Europe?

The EU (European Union) proposed today (monday) a ban that would ban all imports of cat and dog fur into all member states. I'm quite ambivalent on fur; I don't like that animals are killed cruely, but I also see no difference between eating meat and wearing fur, and since I don't eat meat I personally think I should be able to wear fur. It evens out, kind of. But what will happen to the fashion industry, largely based in Europe, if there is a ban on fur? Consumers can buy from other places, but producers will be screwed over. Nothing is set yet, but think of the consequences.......


Anonymous Charmaine said...

I think this issue will stir up quite a controversy.
I am neutral in both way because even when human beings dont eat other animals, we still have to consume something such as veggies/fruits which obviously comes from other living things too.
As long as these animals are killed in the most humane way (I know this is too idealistic), I think I'll be fine with it.
The thing that provokes me is when animals are cramped in tiny cages and injected with doses of hormones so that they will be fatter and their meat will be tender.
which I heard is what happened to many chicken bred in the US.
This is just my thought, no personal attack/judgement whatsoever against you.
Keep blogging, <33 your blog!

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard that before cows are slaughtered, the ranchers will pump them up with water so that their meat is heavier. I know because for some reason PETA used to randomly send me all these brochures and stuff. Personally, I hate PETA b/c although their cause can be considered noble, their way of fighting for their cause is rude and annoying. I see it as a publicity stunt, and they tend to blow things way out of proportion.

12:39 PM  

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