Saturday, November 25, 2006


Yesterday I saw this thing on TV about Crystal Renn, who is probably the most famous and most loved plus-sized model there is.

She was talking about how she had to starve herself to lose a lot of weight to model and finally learned to accept herself and be a size 12 plus sized model. Although I'm all for healthy bodies, IMO having a perfectly curvy body is just as hard for some people to attain as having a super-waif figure. First of all, Crystal is gorgeous and 5'9''. If you're that tall and pretty, it's easier to pull off clothing, no matter what size you are. Second of all, not everyone is lucky enough to have a bone structure that can be curvy. I always think about those Victoria's Secret commercials and ads with Gisele and how she's always twisting her body like crazy to be curvy. That girl is up and down. She's an amazing model, but sometimes I just look at those and think she's trying too hard. Personally, I'm 5'6'', can't gain weight (I blame my years of ballet) and have no hips. If I tried to gain weight to have a more womanly, curvy figure, all that weight will probably go straight to my waist. Not everyone is built to have an ideal hour-glass figure. There's so much angst against thin people these days, and so much people saying woman should be curvy, but not everyone can do that either. It made me frustrated last night (but that might also be because I had been out shopping for way too long and I was tired and cranky) so here's my rant.


Blogger web logger said...

I found a fan site for Crystal, with images and such, at:

- Crystal Renn gallery

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Blogger dewi said...

I googled her but had trouble finding many pictures!!

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