Monday, August 14, 2006

Shoe Bargains

I have somewhat of a shoe fetish (and I'm willing to spend much more on shoes than clothes). In my opinion, the best part of the end of a season is the shoe sales. Unlike clothing, which in some cases are unacceptable after they go out of season, shoes are more timeless. Of course, there are very trendy shoes (such as wedges, which I personally hope will go out of season), but many styles are simply timeless.

These Jimmy's are 50% off and now cost $225. I actually got these in full price a month or so ago. There is also an adorable sandal version of this that I've been trying to find forever, but can't, so I got these instead. Order information can be found at Foot Candy. If anyone knows where to find the sandal version of these shoes and wants to tell me.... I'll love you forever

The Christian Louboutin tassle heel. I'm not the biggest Louboutin fan, but I do appreciate the originality. These now cost $320 (originally $640) and can be ordered from Foot Candy. I've always thought the tassle heel was better for fall than spring/summer.

I vote these as my best find. Pink Satin Rochas slingbacks with a 4.5 inch heel. They now cost only $305.99 (originally $765!!!) on Bluefly. Unfortunately, they only have size 10s left. They have another pair of black leather pumps in size 6 that I'm tempted to buy, but I know I shouldn't. But who knows, maybe my size 7 feet will fit in them.


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