Friday, August 11, 2006

Time to Shine

School starts soon, and besides clothes, shoes, and bags, a really nice accessory to have is a good watch. Having a watch that you really like might even encourage you to be more punctual.

This pretty Haurex watch consists of a flower case bejeweled with Swarovski jewels and a pink leather band. The jewels and the pale coloring make it suitable for formal occasions, but the decoration makes it perfect for casual events, such as school. In addition, it's not overly pricey. It could be found at $164 at

For something more daring and different, we have this silver serpent shaped Roberto Cavalli bracelet watch. The serpent has sapphire eyes, and even the dial is shaped like a snake. Sometimes it's hard to find watches to match an edgy and daring outfit, but this would definately do. $338 at Forzieri.

Here's another watch by Haurex: "La Mostra". This watch is quite artsy, but the colors in the dial match nicely. The dial is also decorated with Swarovski jewels, and the band is made of white croc leather. $263 at Forzieri.

For something a bit more formal, we have the tennis watch, by Haurex, A watch version of the oh-so-popular tennis bracelet. This is perfect for someone who wants a simple but stylish watch that will never go out of style. $197 at Forzieri.

If i had the money, this is the watch I'd pick for school. A cocktail watch from Tiffany & co., studded with Baguette diamonds and Lucida Sapphires, and completed with a dark blue satin strap. So elegant, so chic, yet quite modest and toned down. Pair it with a vintage Givenchy gown, and who wouldn't feel like a modern day Audrey Hepburn? If I could only afford a this $27,500 watch...


Anonymous Lindsey said...

that tiffany's watch is gorgeous!

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