Saturday, August 12, 2006

YooX Wonderland

The Spring/Summer Season is coming to a close, and Yoox has some items on sale at remarkable prices. Here's a long sleeve t-shirt by Sophia Kokosalaki (size 10) that now costs $44, compared to it's original price of $240.

Here is a pair of size 31 pants by Helmut Lang, which now cost $30 from its original price of $209. They'd be quite flattering on someone with a pear shaped figure.
Here's an adorable corduroy mini skirt from Balenciaga in size 12. It will only cost you $38! Wear it with leggings and boots, and it's perfect for fall!
And of course, being me, I had to check what Rochas had on sale. There were two items, that unfortunately were both too big for me, and their not exactly cheap, although their prices are significantly but down. First, there is a size 10 lilac Rochas blazer for $304, cut down from $1014.
Then, there's the size 10 light gray blazer, which costs now $582 (originally $1454). This is quite pricey, but it is Rochas. Honestly, I don't like these two pieces very much, but I am dying to own something from Rochas.
Happy Shopping!


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